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De Ruwenberg Winterfair

During the month of December there's a nice incentive up for grabs at De Ruwenberg. As previous years we would like to thank our guests and relations for the current year, with a addition to your program free of charge. Every year we arrange an ice skating rink from A to Z, where the only thing you will have to do is implementing the activity in your program.

The ice, the skates, hot chocolate and "koek & zopie" is something we will take care of! Ofcourse the ice skating rink will be arranged according the sustainable image of De Ruwenberg, while keeping an eye on our Green Key GOLD, which we are proud of to possess!

Apart from the ice skating rink there will be other wintery surprises to discover at De Ruwenberg during the month of December and that is how our Winterfair takes shape, while you will receive a hospitality level which you are expecting of De Ruwenberg.

As previously stated our Winterfair is free of charge, but not unlimited. Please contact us as soon as possible to check the availablity of incorporating the Winterfair with your corporate retreat!