A well-organized and efficient meeting or conference naturally requires the best equipment. That is why De Ruwenberg continuously invests in the best audiovisual solutions, internet and light. We strive for smoothly running online and hybrid meetings with razor-sharp image quality in a meeting room that can be fully adapted to your wishes. This allows you to enjoy the best meeting experience, even during hybrid meetings with international colleagues, partners and customers.


All plenary rooms are equipped with a beamer (LED screen), a wireless microphone system and dimmable LED lighting. The 200 m2, 65 m2 and some 40 m2 meeting rooms are equipped with a central panel to control the sound and the beamer.

The 120 m2 rooms are equipped with an Epson shortthrow 4K beamer. As a result, the trainer is never in its own image and you have a razor-sharp projected image.

The conference room, the 'Atrium' (280 m2), is equipped with a 4K main laser projector with zoom function and a 4K laser projector on both sides. Several laptops can be connected to these beamers at the same time. And in the front and back of the Atrium is a central control panel with touch function that makes it easy to operate the screens and beamers. The trainer or assistant can also control the sound from these central points. The trainer also has access to a Sennheiser wireless microphone system and his own preview LED monitor at the stage to support his presentation.

The Atrium also has various spots and room and stage lighting that can be operated separately from each other. The LED lighting can be set in any desired color.

You can rent the Logitech Rally Bar on request. This is Logitech's best all-in-one video bar for medium to large conference rooms. The video and audio are cinematic quality and the AI-driven performance continuously scans the room ensuring that all participants are properly framed. Ideal for a hybrid meeting.

Internet failover

At De Ruwenberg we use 2 internet providers. In the event of failure or abnormal termination of the previously active application or connection, it will immediately switch to a standby provider. It is also possible to install your own internet environment for your company with a unique password. Feel free to ask about the possibilities.

Video conference/hybride events

De Ruwenberg specializes in the organization of hybrid events, live streaming and video conference.

In collaboration with our partner in the field of audiovisual possibilities, it is now possible to broadcast your press conference, presentation, award ceremony or (board) meeting directly via the internet.

Ruwenberg App

In addition to general information in the field of technology and catering, we can also reserve space for information about your meeting via our own Ruwenberg app. This is then only accessible to your participants. Via the app you are in direct contact with your contact person, the technical service and/or the restaurant. If you have any questions, we can respond directly to your wishes.