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Both our Atrium and Amphitheatre are equipped with a tension screen using a 3-chip Barco RLM-W6 projector that can achieve a WUXGA resolution of 6000 lumens (1920 × 1200). De Ruwenberg also has Barco ClickShare. A Barco ClickShare consists of a number of buttons with which the participants can easily send their presentation wirelessly to the presentation screen of the conference room. If a second participant presses his ClickShare button, both laptop screens are shown. This way, four participants can simultaneously display their presentations on one screen.

Since the summer of 2013 De Ruwenberg has a 55 "Hippo Touchscreen. This multifunctional screen offers many possibilities. Hippo is the only touchscreen in the market that combines two techniques. The current touchscreens work on the basis of infrared (fast, but not exactly) or on the basis of optical sensing (precise, but not fast). Hippo combines these two techniques so that a Hippo touchscreen works exactly and is fast!

Private WIFI Network
In addition to our wireless network, which you can use free of charge, we offer the possibility of a private WIFI network. You can then create a closed network with a fire width availability guarantee for 25/25 Mbit and company SSID. Within De Ruwenberg, your own VLAN with SSID is reserved for you and you can indicate whether the participants can communicate with each other, or only have Internet access.