Hybrid events at De Ruwenberg

Due to the corona crisis, the hybrid events are becoming more and more popular. This form of meetings brings together online en offline. In the current time, it gives meeting planners the opportunity to continue business meetings which are in line with the current rules, without detracting quality, content and approachableness. Different hybrid forms are possible, for example that the speaker is online and the audience is in the room. Or the speaker is live and the audience online and offline. Several meeting rooms can be connected online. Think of a variation between a center stage and a backstage. In short, hybrid events are flexible.

Specialized in the organization of hybrid events, live streaming and video conference


De Ruwenberg is specialized in the organization of hybrid events, live streaming and videoconference. In cooperation with our audiovisual partner, it is possible to broadcast your press conference, presentation, award ceremony or (board) meeting directly via the internet. In an secure environment, your message can be sent to your selected audience. This way people can still follow an event.

Option 1 Hybrid events

This is a webinar via Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Skype. A live stream will be set up in one of the meeting rooms and it is possible for the other room(s) and possibly home-sitting employees to watch via this webinar. It is also possible to record it via Sharepoint.

The total price for one day is € 425,00 excluding VAT*
The total price for two days is € 545,00 excluding VAT*

The following is included:

  •  Camera (Who films the speaker on stage and the presentation behind the speaker)
  • Laptop for the live stream
  • Capture card
  • Audio interface
  • Internet dongles
  • Headset

*Excluding assembly and dismantling costs, transport costs and laptop(s) in the other room(s).


Option 2 Hybrid events

It is also possible to choose a wired connection between the different rooms. In this case the wifi will not be used.

The total price for one day is € 625,00 excluding VAT*
The total price for two days is € 795,00 excluding VAT*

*Excluding assembly and dismantling costs, transport costs and laptop in the other rooms


Technical support for your hybrid event

The Atrium is equipped with, a height adjustable Truss with 2 beamers for the side screens, various spotlights, meeting room and stage lighting. A Barco projector is included for the main screen. LED lighting in the color of your choice and you can use our Sennheiser wireless microphone system. For the speaker there is a monitor for the presentation and 2 monitors to support the own sound.

All plenary rooms are equipped with a beamer (LED screen) and a wireless microphone system.

When purchasing equipment, De Ruwenberg always thinks proactively, we have short throw beamers in a number of plenary rooms where the trainer is never in his own image.

Barco's Click share system is available, where it is possible to show multiple images of presentations on the main screen. This does not require installation on your laptop and can therefore be used safely.

Ruwenberg app

In addition to general information in the field of technology and hospitality, we can also reserve space for information about your meeting via our own Ruwenberg app. This will only be accessible to your participants. Via the app you are in direct contact with your contact person, the technical service and/or the restaurant.

Internet failover

At De Ruwenberg we use 2 internet providers. In the event of failure or an abnormal termination of the previously active application or connection, it will be switched directly to a standby provider.

 Furthermore, we can offer your company its own internet environment with a unique password.


Discover our meeting packages

De Ruwenberg offers 40 meeting rooms, tailor-made meeting packages, 196 hotel rooms, restaurant, lounges, terraces, wellness and sports facilities. Everything you need for one- or multi-day (hybrid) meetings.

At De Ruwenberg you can choose for a fully catered package that is fully equipped, ranging from an 8, 12, 24 to 32-hour meeting package. De Ruwenberg meeting facilities are also ideal for outdoor meetings, workshops, symposia, conferences, product presentations and unique team building activities.