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House rules, for your and our safety

In the following rules you will find the most important house rules that apply within De Ruwenberg Hotel | Meetings | Events (De Ruwenberg). We ask you to respect and accept these rules.

General rules

  • All instructions from employees of this hotel that are related to house rules must be followed. You can report complaints to the management.
  • At De Ruwenberg we appreciate that you use the public spaces at your own risk.
  • De Ruwenberg must adhere to the requirements of the Beverage and Catering legislation, therefore alcoholic beverages are not provided to visitors under the age of 18. When in doubt about the age of a guest, De Ruwenberg employees ask you to show proof of identity.
  • In order not to have a negative influence on the atmosphere during the stay, no alcohol will be served to the person in question if they are suspected of being drunk.
  • It is not allowed to consume food ordered or brought in from outside in the hotel.
  • Food or drinks left in a checked-out room will be thrown away.
  • It is forbidden to receive guests in the room for sexual activities.
  • It is not allowed to be in the room with more people than the number reserved. This number of people must identify themselves at the reception.

In the event of an accident, call 112 immediately and report this to the reception (key 611). De Ruwenberg will start emergency services. They are trained to assess certain situations and to quickly initiate external professional assistance.

Checking in
A valid ID must be presented at check-in.

You can check in from the age of 18. Everyone of 18 years or older can book a room. In each travel group, at least 1 person must be 18 years or older. The person who (also) books for other participants is liable for all others he or she registers. With regard to minor travelers, it must be demonstrated that parents or guardians have given permission. If a traveler is not yet 18 years old, we kindly request you to contact us by telephone.


  • Consuming, using, trading, or carrying any type of narcotic is strictly prohibited. The police and the judiciary will be called in when it is established.
  • De Ruwenberg does not make its location available for purposes other than are described in our policy, it is therefore prohibited to trade, heal or offer services. The amount of an already paid hotel room will not be refunded.
  • It is forbidden to use nitrous oxide in the hotel without the express permission of the management.

Emergency exits
All emergency exits are clearly indicated in the corridors, with emergency lighting. The emergency exits are only used in the event of a fire or when staff are designated. It is therefore not permitted to use the emergency exits as normal entrances and exits.

Entering hotel room by staff
De Ruwenberg reserves the right to enter a hotel room if the staff thinks it necessary. For example in the event of a (suspected) violation of the house rules.

Fire protection

  • The fire instructions are available for inspection in your room.
  • Stay calm in the event of a fire.
  • Report a fire at the reception (key 611) and / or hit the nearest fire alarm.
  • Stay low to the ground in case of strong smoke.
  • Leave the building immediately in the event of a fire alarm.
  • Never use the lifts in the event of a fire.
  • De Ruwenberg employees monitor your safety, in the event of an emergency, the emergency plan comes into effect. You are kindly but urgently requested to follow any instructions from the employees.
  • In the event of a fire, the instructions of the hotel staff and the regular hotel procedures must be followed.

The management, the owner of this location and employees of De Ruwenberg cannot be held liable for loss, theft or damage to your property.

Lost and found items
You can contact the reception for lost or found items.

Noise disturbance
To maintain peace in the immediate vicinity of De Ruwenberg, it is not permitted to cause noise nuisance.

Properties of the hotel

  • It is not permitted to take property from the hotel outside the building. If the property of De Ruwenberg is intentionally damaged, guests can be held liable for the repair and / or renewal costs.
  • Do not leave your property unattended at the location of De Ruwenberg and in your car. De Ruwenberg is not liable for loss, damage or theft of your property. Parking, both in the parking lot and in the vicinity of De Ruwenberg, is at your own risk.


  • In De Ruwenberg it is NOT allowed to smoke in public areas. Violating this smoking ban is sanctioned with a fine of € 175.00.
  • The use of electronic cigarettes is also not permitted in the entire building.
  • It is not allowed to smoke in the hotel room. If we find out smoking in the room, we are forced to charge a cleaning fee of € 150. If the fire alarm is triggered by smoking in the room, the call-out costs of the fire department of € 275 will be charged to you.
  • Smoking is possible on the terraces near the lounges.

De Ruwenberg is not responsible for the loss or theft of your possessions.

Unforeseen circumstances
In all cases not covered by these regulations, the management of hotel De Ruwenberg decides.

Unwanted intimacies

  • Unwanted intimacies are not tolerated.
  • At De Ruwenberg we treat each other with respect, it is therefore forbidden to sexually intimidate our guests and employees by word or gesture.
  • If sexual harassment takes place, we will report this to the authorities and / or clients.
  • In order to safeguard peace, order and safety within De Ruwenberg, it is forbidden to use violence or to threaten it with violence.

Video surveillance
Cameras are placed at various places within the hotel, and everyone in our hotel agrees of the filming. In the event of an emergency and / or incident, these recordings can be shown to the authorities as supporting material.

It is not permitted for anyone within our hotel to have weapons and / or to carry with them. The police and the judiciary will be called in when it is established.

Zero tolerance
We apply a zero tolerance policy. This means that, if these house rules are not observed, no warning will be given and you will be asked to leave the hotel immediately. No money will be returned and any deposit paid will be withheld.