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Restaurant and bar

Enjoy our culinairy surprises! The bar and restaurant both guarantee the hospitality you expect. Whether it's a full dinner with a good glass of wine or a snack with an ice cold beer, Hotel De Ruwenberg will arrange it for you!

Fair, healthy, tasty and fresh. We reduce our food miles through the use of local products. Our products travel less than 300 food miles. For products where this is impossible, we ensure that they meet various sustainability characteristics such as organic or fair trade.

In addition, we naturally take allergens, allergies and dietary requirements into account. Our Executive Chef has the Allergen Certificate, supported by the NVWA.

If you would like to have dinner, you must book a table in advance at the reception. 


The timeslotes are:

Breakfast Monday to Friday :   07.00-08.00     08.00-09.00     09.00-10.00AM

Breakfast Saturday-Sunday:     08.00-09.00     09.00-10.00     10.00-11.00AM

Lunchtimes:                             11.30-12.15     12.15-01.00     01.00-01.45PM

Dinertimes:                              05.30-08.30 PM*   

* We are not allowed to serve alcohol after 8PM