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De Ruwenberg also offers a lot of other facilities apart from the known meeting- and hotel rooms, which you and your guests can use during your stay. Both indoor and outdoor facilities are at your disposal, divided over our 14 acres estate. The facilities are fully aimed at relaxation after a long day and are mostly included with your stay at De Ruwenberg.

Gourmet - Restaurant & Bar

Enjoying the top level! Our bar and restaurant both guarantee the hospitality you are expecting from us. Whether you wish a full dinner with a good glass of fine wine or just a simple snack and an ice-cold beer, De Ruwenberg makes sure you get what you desire!

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Business Sportsclub 7

De Ruwenberg has her own sports club, named Business Sportsclub 7. A yearly subscription offers unlimited usage of our facilities at the moment you wish to use them. Please do not hesitate to ask for the possibilities at our front office!

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There is a variety of sports facilities at De Ruwenberg, which are offered to our guests as relaxation. We have the fitness club, with modern equipment, the squash court and our swimming pool as indoor sports facilities. The tennis- and beach volleyball courts and our driving range complete our sports facilities as outdoor facilities.

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Swimming Pool & Wellness

With the swimming pool and spa facilities, De Ruwenberg offers an excellent wellness experience. Our swimming pool is 1.40m deep and at a constant temperature of 27 degrees Celcius. The room adjacent to our swimming pool boasts two saunas and showers. Our masseuse Sylvie can then provide you with a delicious massage to maximize the relaxation experience.

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De Ruwenberg is well known at sports teams and -clubs for its ideal location for a boot camp or stay over during an away match, because of the (sports)facilities at De Ruwenberg. Also, football teams and football clubs visit us for that reason. Therefore De Ruwenberg has started a collaboration with the local football club RKVV, because of their state of the art high-quality artificial grass and natural playing fields.

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An extra facility which makes De Ruwenberg unique is your own contribution. Where most hotels and conference centers stop, De Ruwenberg goes the extra mile. For example, you can switch all of our furniture with your own branded interior. A less drastic approach would be to give your event or meeting an extra dimension by implementing an activity in your program.

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