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Floorplan & Surroundings

The main building of De Ruwenberg consists of four adjacent wings (A-, B-, C- & D-Wing) which are all accessible via the main entrance of the castle, as shown on the floorplan.

The central area of the building is the Atrium which is situated adjacent to the rounding. Through the rounding the octagonal room, the Amphitheater, can be reached. Our swimming pool is situated behind the Atrium following the stairs downwards. Following the stairs upwards you will find our restaurant.

Next to the main building is our farmhouse which boasts a fitness room, two squash courts and two meeting rooms. The farmhouse is adjacent to our parkinglot, which offers room for 250 cars.


Hydroelectric station Sint-Michielsgestel

At the beginning of 2016 the build of the hydroelectric station in the Dommel river in Sint-Michielsgestel started. By means of crowdfunding the biggest part of the necessary 1 million euro came in the register. In november 2016 the turbine was placed and in active use since then.

De difference in altitude in the river is compensated by three passage openings. The total difference is 1.80m en annually around 250 billion liters of water will go through this turbine. By this approach the hydroelectric station will be no threat to the fish population at all.

The turbine will produce green electricity and is placed at the edge of the second passage opening. At this point the water has its momentum in both speed and amount, which means the turbine will be able to produce upto 650.000 Kwh per year.

From De Ruwenberg you will be able to walk upstream towards the hydroelectric station and pay a visit. A relaxing walk combined with something unique and educational!