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Most car brands organize multiple car rallies throughout the year to maintain the connection with their fans. The main purpose of such a rally is to gather as many cars as possible within the same brand and form an exhibition, where all the cars would depart 1 by 1 on a selected route.

Such rallies always draw a lot of attention from car fanatics, which is why both starting- and finish should be centrally located with enough parking space and excellent services. This is the reason why De Ruwenberg lends itself often as a location for such car rallies. 

In the past, we have hosted multiple car rallies of which you can see three examples underneath!

Rally - Tesla

De Ruwenberg had the pleasure to welcome 3 brand new Tesla Roadsters. After rolling off the assembly line, they were brought to our estate to be admired by the present car fanatics, who were eventually surprised by the opportunity to make a test drive. Of course, this was done as a passenger, but nonetheless, they were all experiences not to be forgotten soon.


Rally - Burton

De Ruwenberg hosted an antique rally. This rally consisted of 10 cars of the Burton Car Company brand; The Burton. Although it is a kit car, it is still a Dutch car brand. As fellow Dutchmen, we are proud of it of course and therefore the rally lured in a lot of local and international visitors.


Rally - Rolls Royce

In the hot spring of 2016, we had a royal visit. All kinds of cars were lined up across the estate of De Ruwenberg from the Rolls Royce car brand. From the Phantom-III to the Phantom 2003 (produced by BMW); they were all present. Rolls Royce fans witnessed the true Rolls Royce sound after the gathering when all cars drove off for their set route.