Most car brands organize multiple car rallies throughout the year to maintain the connection with their fans. The main purpose of such a rally is to gather as many cars as possible within the same brand and form an exhibition, where all the cars would depart 1 by 1 on a selected route.

Such rallies always draw a lot of attention from car fanatics, which is why both starting- and finish should be centrally located with enough parking space and excellent services. This is the reason why De Ruwenberg lends itself often as a location for such car rallies. 

Why is De Ruwenberg the ideal location?

  • Green location
  • Driveway to the castle
  • Castle squarein fornt of the castle
  • Beautiful presentation of cars
  • Extensive culinary options
  • Spacious parking lot monitored (by cameras)
  • Hotel rooms

In the past, we have hosted multiple car rallies.

Ferrari owners from far and wide visited the Ferrari meeting at De Ruwenberg. Enjoy touring during the day, a drink in the garden, dining with entertainment, relaxing in the hotel room and a delicious breakfast in the morning.

The Triumph Meet & Greet took place at De Ruwenberg with dinner and overnight stay. 90 unique Triumphs TR 1 to TR 7 they were all there. With reception in the garden and then every two minutes starting from the driveway. In the evening dinner and the award ceremony in the restaurant and in the morning after breakfast you are on the road fresh.

Team building in a special way! Participants are surprised with rally driving in classic Volkswagen vans. The eight vans are ready on the castle square at De Ruwenberg. With six people per bus, you must drive the set route and answer questions along the way. Via GPS, the organization tracks where the vans are and whether the traffic and game rules are being observed. The finish is on the castle square of De Ruwenberg, where the prizes were awarded while enjoying a snack.