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Live consciously now, for the next generation to thrive and enjoy our planet as much as possible. This is where De Ruwenberg stands for. We are continuously improving and monitoring a responsable entrepreneurship and are proud of it. De Ruwenberg earned the certificate of IACC Green Star & Green Key Gold (with dispensation for LED-lighting) and intend to keep it that way. Stating the following MVO declaration De Ruwenberg declares that she meets the necessary criteria:

  • We supply an active contribution to the development of our profession and transfer knowledge to those wishing to learn the profession.
  • We inform our guests and suppliers that we understand our Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • We make transparant arrangments with our guests and suppliers about the quality of our products and how we wish to monitor that quality.
  • We determine the social impact of our services and try to limit the negative impact as much as possible, such as fraudulent trade, intimidation, corruption and child labor.
  • We monitor the continuity of both our company as our employees and we take care of certain services in case of a loss in income.
  • We voluntarily supply a contribution to social charities by gifts and sponsorship and/or by supplying volunteer work.
  • We work non-stop on decreasing the environmental impact and increasing the sustainable character of our company.
  • We are continuously improving our own procurement and aim on using only products and services which are sustainable, preferrably provided with a environmental-, sustainability- and/or social mark.
  • Before 1/1/2020 the entire hotel will be equipped with LED or energy-efficient lighting.

For more information go to:http://www.iacconline.org/environmental-initiatives 

Furthermore, De Ruwenberg is a member of the Hotels for Trees Foundation. With this you as a guest and we as a hotel contribute to a greener world and a better climate. For every guest who skips housekeeping for 1 day during a multi-day stay, 1 new tree will be planted. Not every guest has the need for a room that is cleaned every day.

It's very simple. You have a green door hanger from Hotels for Trees. Hanging it on your door will not clean your room. In that case, a tree will be planted in the world.

June, Sint-Michielsgestel

Vasfi Isitan
Managing Director