COVID-19 guidelines

Our hotel applies the following guidelines:

  • All guests are expected to show their corona app and/or test result upon arrival.
  • The bar and restaurant are open until 8pm. After 8pm drinks are served from the bar and must be consumed in the hotelroom.

Our meeting rooms are well ventilated. Fresh air, heated and/or cooled, comes directly from outside and is discharged per room. There is no recirculation of air!

Hand sanitisers are available in various places in the hotel. Surfaces and handles that are often touched, such as banisters and door handles, are regularly disinfected.

Planning ahead is difficult at this time and that is why you can always cancel your individual room booking with us (made via De Ruwenberg itself) up to 24 hours in advance.

The extra measures will not change our service and hospitality. Are you curious how we are going to do this?

We are happy to tell you more about it.

We are looking forward receiving you. Of course, the health of our guests and employees have priority these days.