Bicycle rent

During your stay at Hotel De Ruwenberg, you can enjoy the many beautiful hiking and cycling trails through the Brabant Landscape. Free walking and cycling routes are available at the reception and you can rent a bicycle (provided 24 hours in advance). The daily prices per person for the rental of bicycles:

  • Electric bike € 25.00 per day
  • Bike with gears € 12.50 per day
  • City bike € 8.00 per day 
  • Me-mover € 25.00 for three hours
  • Tandem € 30.00 for half day and € 60.00 per day

Click below on book this extra to rent a bicycle.

The Me-Mover is a fitness device that has a combination of walking, cycling and skiing. A super fun way for a training or outdoor tour. Ask for a fully catered clinic for 8 people including instructor. (€ 30.00 per person, duration 1 1/2hours)

The tandem tour is a fun activity, where you can discover the Brabant landscape with great pleasure. Make the trip even more fun to combine it with a picnic basket for on the road which you can also book as an extra.