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To have a break during your meeting or as an activity with added value we can organize various activities for you. Below you find a selection of the possibilities. For pricing or reservations you can contact the reservations department. Please call +31 (0) 73 55 888 55 or send an e-mail to: reserveringen@ruwenberg.nl.

We can turn the lounge or a room near your plenary room into a real casino with black jack and/or poker tables, where, under supervision, you can place a small bet.

Funky 500
If you want to give your meeting an extra twist, you can choose for music from a DJ Booth in a Fiat 500 or a DJ Booth in a Mini Convertible. This glamour car creates a special atmosphere. Whether you want background music or a real party, this car has it all. The DJ plays the music of your choice.

Complete act:
– DJ of your choice
– Pioneer DJ set
– Audio up to 150 people
– Driver/technician
– Light effects
– Smoke machine

Herding sheep with border collies
Herding sheep can be used to hold up a communication mirror to someone’s face. Communication is examined in an unusual context, outdoors with border collies and sheep, in stead of at a meeting table. This enables you to look at communication in an original way and gives you insight in the way you communicate.

Herding sheep with border collies is a typical example of team work. During the workshop the team spirit between the participants is tested. The workshop is very suited as (instructional) part of a course. This workshop is about surprise, fun and serious aspects like communication and team building.

In official fencing clothing the fencing expert invites you for a fencing course. You learn a bit about the history of fencing as well as the basic movements. By teaching you the basic movements you are crammed to fight a duel! Because of the unique teaching method of the instructor and the content of this fencing course success is guaranteed.

Team building activities
Team building activities are organised together with GH Events.
They organise all kinds of activities on and around our country estate. It is also possible to do team building assignments. These challenging assignments require creativity, skills and cooperation within the teams.

Examples of such activities are:
– Archery
– Spinning
– Mixing cocktails
– Juggling
– Graffiti
– Falconry
– Salsa dancing
– Tai Chi